How to avoid mistakes in the research paper writing?

What is research work?

Research work is the work of scientific character connected with scientific search, experiments for expansion and obtaining new knowledge, checking of scientific hypotheses, establish the regularities, scientific generalizations, and justifications.

Research is not a theme paper or an article. It is individual or joint (with a scientific advisor) research providing an opportunity to run the independent research and experiment, to apply scientific approach and practical skills for obtaining the result, to get new ways for the solution of objectives and to show skills of analyzing of the received results.

Some of the typical mistakes

Use of plagiarism.

When you have only several days before the presentation of your term paper, you can copy some works of other authors or take some extras without even rewriting it! Actually, it is a theft of intellectual property and your scientific adviser and the committee won`t be able to accept and evaluate your research paper! So think twice before cheating.

Bad structure

Many students don’t even know the main structure of every article.
Here are some pieces of advice for helping you to write a good research article.
Follow the structure of research paper writing!
The article should state the current state of a question, the work purpose, a research technique, results and discussion of the obtained data concisely and accurately. It can be results of own research, summarizing of experience and also the analytical review of information in the considered area.

Research paper article, as a rule, includes:

  • summary
  • introduction
  • methods of researches
  • main results and discussion
  • conclusion
  • the list of the quoted sources

It is obvious that the purpose of any research article, as a rule, begins with verbs:

  • to find out
  • to reveal
  • to create
  • to prove
  • to check
  • to define

Objectives are, as a rule, the concretized or more particular purposes. The purpose is developing in a complex of the interconnected tasks. For example, if the objective of the research paper work is developing a technique of the optimum organization of teaching and educational process in the conditions of five-day week, then this purpose can assume the following tasks:

  • to define and prove duration of occupations, optimum for each student’s group;
  • to carry out updating of training programs in connection with the general reduction of school hours;
  • to master with teachers a training intensification technique in the conditions of 90, 85-and 80-minute occupation;
  • to reveal dynamics of overloads of the students who are engaged in the form of the five-day educational week and also dynamics of characteristics of health and so on.

Use the right language!

The research paper writing has to be written in straightforward, figurative language that always distinguishes scientific works from not belonging to those. Many serious research paper works are written so interestingly that reading them is comparable with reading a detective story.

It is necessary to remove excess words in the research paper. It is necessary to eliminate any “mysterious” terms also. It is necessary to avoid an unnecessary passive voice form of verbs also. It needs to be applied so far as it concerns spontaneously proceeding processes. For example, it is necessary to tell: “apply a method of vacuum dusting”, but not “the method of vacuum dusting is applied”. It allows removing all uncertainties.
So now you can easily avoid all typical mistakes while research paper writing.